Strategy & Branding

The first step to any successful marketing effort is understanding your best potential customer, and how the unique value you bring to them. At its core, this is branding. A well crafted brand brings direction and purpose to a company's marketing decisions. Sadly, many companies undervalue or ignore this step, resulting in sporadic messaging and shotgun marketing campaigns.


Sun Tzu once said, "Know thyself - know thine customers." Ok, he didn't say that, but it's still great advice. To communicate a compelling message that will attract your best potential customers, you need to understand what they really need, and how your company uniquely fills that need. We dig deep to learn about you, and your customer, to create a strategy for growth.


Your logo and brand identity are the visual manifestations of your brand - they are not your brand. However, this is a critical stage. Your logo will often be the only visual representation of your brand that people see, and it creates the standard to ensure all future visual elements are consistent.

Brands We've Crafted